Residents Complain of Unsafe Conditions in Apartments

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Residents of the Bell Park Apartments in Adamsville said when they complained of unsafe conditions in their complex to the mayor, their landlord, Mark Alexander, issued them eviction notices for non-payment four days later. “I know I paid my rent. I have the receipts,” said resident, Wynter Walker. She said her rent was paid to the prior property manager who she said failed to submit the payment to the owner. Walker said black mold from the apartment beneath her caused her kitchen floor to buckle. “He (son) got a splinter in his foot and he had to get antibiotics because it got infected,” she adds, referring to splinter her son suffered from the buckled floor. The property manager of two weeks, Earl Medlin, said the evictions will not be processed until he reviews the rent ledgers with the owner and discusses the matter with the tenants. He said the prior property manager was given money to repair units, but the funds were misappropriated. “I’ve been here for about a year and a half and have never had smoke detectors,” said resident, Erica Harrison. She said her bathroom sink has never had running water. “We want to get these apartments up to code and that’s our number one goal here and if smoke detectors being in the apartments helps to get them up to code then we’re going to do it,” said Medlin. City officials said they are taking Alexander to court, Tuesday, due to the condition of his apartment complex. We attempted to contact Alexander, but were unable to reach him for comment.

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