Educator of the Week – Richardson

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Nova Elementary School third grade teacher Sheri Richardson says her students have a big year ahead of them. “So many new skills introduced,” said Richardson. “We’re beginning multiplication, they’ll start cursive writing – which they’re looking so forward to. That and multiplication. We’ll begin division. A lot of new skills taught in 3rd grade.” But reading is her favorite skill. “We read everyday – I read to them,” said Richardson. “They love it. Right now we’re reading “Old Yeller” and they love it. They look forward to that everyday.” Richardson looks forward to learning about each and every one of her students. “I talk with them often about things that are going on at home, things they love,” said Richardson. “I just let them talk to me and I think that makes a difference, as well – that you’re interested in their lives.” Even after 18 years of teaching, this educator says she’s still interested in the lives of former students. “They hug me in the hallway, waving to me all the time,” said Richardson. “And they do come back and tell me about their lives still.” Richardson hopes that each student, old and new, takes away one thing from her classroom. “I hope it’s how much I love them and how much I love what I do. And that I really do enjoy being with them everyday.”

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