Employees at Humboldt Restaurant Riot Over Paychecks

This video is no longer available.

Dozens of West Tennessee workers took to the street, Friday afternoon in Humboldt. They say they have not been paid and they want their money. Close to 40 workers gathered outside Royale Burgers along North Central late in the afternoon. Some employees tell us they have worked for up to two months without getting a dollar. The crowd got so intense that about 10 Humboldt police officers were called out to try and restore order. Tiffany Martin, one of the disgruntled workers, said, “How is it they don’t have money to pay the workers. What are they doing? Smoking it up!” Police restricted access to the building and restaurant owners were not readily available for comment. Calls to several numbers listed for Royale Burgers went unanswered, Friday.

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