Halls Air Show

This video is no longer available.

Spectators said the Halls Air Show delivered nonstop action as more than 30 aircraft took to the sky, Sunday. “The planes are awesome the people are great. Just having a really good time,” said spectator, Don Carden. Held on the former Dyersburg Army Air Base, many pilots flew aircraft used in previous wars. “Oh it’s ultimate freedom. You can go anywhere you want. Any direction. Any altitude,” said pilot, Tom Dubrouillet. Dubrouillet is part of Team RV, which he said is the world’s largest formation team. Veterans said it was great to see the old military aircraft still flying. “Well I didn’t serve in war. I served in peace time and it just makes you feel good that you’ve been a part of the military,” said veteran, Thomas Newman. Attendees were able to tour aircraft, many shocked at the tight quarters in which service people operated. “Just to know these people have done this for our country and we get to see what they used flying around and doing things is just great,” said attendee, Pam Ozment. Organizers said proceeds from the event will got to fund next year’s air show.

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