Educator of the Week – Pollock

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South Haven Elementary School fifth grade teacher Andy Pollock listens for his favorite sound. “‘Ohh!'” said Pollock. “That’s the favorite sound of a teacher. A teacher loves it among all the other sounds that we might not like. That’s the sound we love. When they go ‘ohh,’ they get it.” Pollock says seeing his students get it is the best part about his job. “Sometimes you just have to keep going over it and over it,” said Pollock. “But when they finally realize what they’re doing – man the light goes on.” Being an educator means more than just giving A’s and B’s to his students. “When they come back and talk to you and you realize you made a difference in them and you connected with them,” said Pollock. “That’s probably the most important thing an educator can do.” It’s a connection that Pollock says he hopes will go beyond the year they spend in his classroom. “That Mr. Andy really cared about them and really worked them hard to get them to learn for their good and their benefit. And hopefully they can connect with me and I with them and we feel like family for the rest of our lives,” said Pollock. “I just enjoy the fact that I work with them – it’s probably one of the best jobs in the world. Among all the frustrations it’s still one of the best jobs in the world because you feel like you connect with them.”

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