Who Was Robert Cunningham Jr.?

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LIke something out of a movie, a man facing hard time in prison did not want to be taken alive. Robert Cunningham Jr.’s father said “He knew he had warrents. He always said he was not going to the penatentary. So we knew that something was going to happen when he got stopped. We knew the law was going to run his name thru NCIS and it would come back with warrents.” According to the Kentucky Department of Corrections, in 1994 Robert Cunningham Junior was convicted for a string of armed robberies. He served six years in prison. Court records in Todd County, Kentucky indicate he was recently indicted on arson and burglary charges. “He always said he wasn’t going back. But I didn’t think it would happen this way.” The Cunninghams say they did not find out about their son’s death until Thursday night. Mr. Cunningham says he’s considering legal action against the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. “Anytime someone dies or gets killed or something like that they are supposed to notify the next of kin before they put it out over the radio or television. We found out from someone who heard it over the radio.” Mr. Cunningham said his son had a heart of gold.

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