Circle of Hope Rescues More Than 30 Dogs

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The Circle of Hope Canine organization rescued more than 30 dogs from an elderly Milan man, Sunday. “It’s bad. I’ve seen worse, but this is still pretty bad,” said Phyllis Jackman-Stefanakos with the Circle of Hope Canine Rescue. Stefanakos said the owner had a good heart, but simply got overwhelmed when three litters of puppies were born weeks ago. “Sometimes animals get dumped on people and they don’t know what to do about it,” said April Dunning, a volunteer. Stefanakos said volunteers had to bush hog grass away from several kennels located on the property which were wired shut. Volunteers said the owner simply threw food into the gate and had very little interaction with the dogs. “So far we’ve only had three that were heart worm negative out of the adult dogs,” said Dr. Allison Climer DVM, a veterinarian who treated the dogs during the rescue. Dr. Climer said the dogs were in relatively good health considering the circumstances. If you would like to donate to the Circle of Hope Canine Rescue organization, or want more information on adopting the dogs once they are treated, click on the ‘Seen on 7’ link of this website.

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