Union Banquet Raises Money for Scholarships

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Members of Scotland Yard were in the Hub City, Monday night. The reason? To protect former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who served as the guest speaker at Union University’s 14th Annual Scholarship Banquet. Blair served as Prim Minister from 1997 until 2007 and has always been outspoken about his faith, even establishing the Tony Blair Faith Foundation after leaving office. He opened his speech Monday night with his young son’s insight about Jackson. “My son was sitting at the kitchen table, my 11-year-old son and he said to me, ‘Where are you going?’ and I said, ‘America’. He said, ‘Not Washington, again.’ I said, ‘No’, I said, ‘A place called Jackson, Tennessee.’ He thought for a moment and said, ‘Dad, I think you may be about to see the real America,’ To date, the scholarship banquets have generated more than $5 million in scholarships. Monday night’s attendance was sold out with more than 2,000 in attendance.

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