Schools Teaching Children About Healthy Habits

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Student’s all across the state sat down for lunch on Tuesday with their parents and grandparents, to enjoy a healthy balanced meal. “Taste it Tuesday” was to celebrate eating school lunches in a more nutritional way. As part of “Child Heath Week” running Oct. 3-9 throughout the state of Tennessee. Midtown Jackson’s, Alexander Elementary overflowed from the cafeteria into the gym on Tuesday, as more than 190 visitors joined the school for lunch. “We’re trying to educate students about making wise choices and we’re hoping to bring the parents and grandparents on board that one good decision will lead to another, so that parents will come and see the healthy options that we serve in the school cafeteria lunches, said coordinate health administrator, Annette Wilson. “Hopefully they’ll carry that over into their homes so the students will continue to eat the fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and more and more vegetables.” The Madison County school system is also promoting “Breakfast in the Classroom”. A nutritional breakfast provided for the students 15 minutes before class begins to ensure two healthy meals a day. “Faculty and staff have noticed better concentration, fewer tardy slips, improved attendance, and a calmer start to the child’s day. Also, school nurses don’t have as many “hunger visits”, as they call them, in the morning,” said school nutrition supervisor, Susan Johnston. The overall goal is to help students understand where their food comes from while highlighting the overall benefit of eating healthier. “Child Health Week” continues throughout the week with Walking Wednesday, Total Health Thursday, and Fit for Friday.

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