Stewart Pleads Guilty In Officer’s Murder

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The man responsible for the death Henderson Police Captain Dennis Cagle pleaded guilty to murder Tuesday afternoon. Ricky Stewart plead guilty to all four federal counts against him. They include first degree murder, armed robbery, and two weapon charges. “Captain Cagle was a staple in the community and certainly in law enforcement. And again the government will push to make sure that Ricky Stewart will never live another day outside federal prison,” said U.S. Attorney Ed Stanton. Stewart admitted to walking in to a Henderson Save-A-Lot store on December 9, 2009, armed with a gun. When police arrived at the scene, Stewart had an intense shoot out with Captain Cagle. Stewart suffered injuries and now has a missing arm and fingers. Captain Cagle lost his life. If found guilty by a jury, Stewart would have been eligible for the death penalty. Stewart changed his plea to guilty so prosecutors have agreed to a sentence of life in prison plus 10 years. “He was a wonderful cop. He was good to all people, and it was just a real shame that his life was taken for us”, said Henderson resident Susan Ripley. “And for our community he gave his life, and I think everybody will hold that dear in our hearts.”

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