Gibson County Pastor Charged With Stealing

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ABC 7 Eyewitness News has learned about new allegations against the same Gibson County pastor accused of assaulting his gay son and his boyfriend. According to Trenton police, they recently arrested Pastor Jerry Pittman, of Fruitland’s Grace Fellowship Church, on charges of stealing from a local business. “It’s hard enough nowadays to trust people and I just can’t believe that a pastor would even steal anything,” said Trenton resident Hayley Gordon. Police arrested the 52-year-old on September 21, after his estranged wife told them she had heard from co-workers that he had been stealing from her business. “Our investigation into the incident that was reported showed that he and another gentleman did scrap copper at a scrap yard here in Trenton,” Lt. James Wilson said. Investigators said he scrapped the copper at least three different times since August. It was hundreds of pounds, and worth more than $1,000. “It was quite a bit that they scrapped,” Wilson said. This actually is not the first time Pittman has been arrested. Police said he was arrested back in 2006 for a simple assault charge. “It was over an incident where the daughter and the boyfriend had a joint child,” Wilson said. “There were some accusations involving the father of the child, which was the boyfriend, and he confronted the father of his grandchild at a local grocery store.” According to investigators, Pittman is charged with theft of more than $1,000. He bonded out of jail the day he was arrested, and his next court appearance will be October 28 at Trenton Municipal Court.

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