Haunted House Helps Restore McKenzie Theater

McKenzie leaders are planning on opening up a haunted theater this Halloween, all in hopes of restoring their historic theater. The 70-year-old run down theater already looks a little spooky, and with a little help from the Parks and Recreation department and Bethel University students, they plan on making it down right scary. The city will use the money raised by ticket sales for the haunted theater to go towards restoring the building. They also hope to receive state grants for the project. “It’s really a landmark. The theater anchors this side of our town and we think that if we can restore the theater, then it can be used for movies, it can be used for community theater performances, it can also be used as a meeting place,” said Mayor Jill Holland. Mayor Holland said city leaders hope to have the Haunted Theater open the weekend of October 21st and Halloween weekend.

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