Educator of the Week – Margaret Campbell

This video is no longer available.

South Elementary School 3rd grade teacher Margaret Campbell said she stays away from worksheets, and emphasizes creativity in the classroom. “We just try to light up learning in the classroom,” said Campbell. And in order to ‘light it up,’ Campbell gives her students white gloves and hits the black lights. “The black light learning is just something I kind of came up with last year trying to make those boring facts come to life,” said Campbell. “To be up, out of their seat, singing songs, dancing, rhythms – anything that can help them remember a new skill – they just enjoy it. They enjoy putting their hands on.” Whether it is hands on or gloves on, this educator loves to help her students progress. “It’s a safe place to come and learn, and to express yourself and just grow,” said Campbell. “I hope they can grow each year.” Campbell said as they grow, she does too. “When I find something that motivates them and they get excited about it – it just motivates me,” said Campbell. “If I’m learning- they’re learning. If I’m growing, they’re growing.”

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