Police Still Search For Suspects In Week Old Murder

This video is no longer available.

Police are still looking a man who gunned down an east Jackson man more than a week ago. Darvin Travis, 22, was found lying in the middle of Hays Avenue and Lexington Street. “I don’t have any animosity. I’ve forgiven the person that did this and you know I’m just praying that God do the rest, you know. I don’t have any animosity toward the person,” said Travis’ mother, Theria Travis. Travis was at a local burger restaurant with two other guys. Police said a man walked up to the group and without saying anything, opened fire. Travis was struck and died shortly afterward. The other men with him were not injured. “Well, it is the most frustrating that Darvin Travis has been over a week since he’s been killed and we no one who we can hold accountable at this point,” said Lieutenant Tyreece Miller of the Jackson Police Department. Police said they are determined to find the suspect and help to bring closure to the Travis Family. “And we’re very hopeful that we still be able to solve this case and bring justice to Darvin Travis and his family,” said Lieutenant Miller.

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