Jaggers Benefit

More than a hundred motorcyclists rode through McNairy and Hardin Counties Saturday to raise money for one of their beloved officers. Officer Robert Jaggers, who was seriously injured in August from a routine traffic stop, was treated at The Med in Memphis. While he was there doctors diagnosed him with cancer. Knowing hospital bills are not cheap, family, friends, and complete strangers came together to help support Jaggers. Everyone joined to ride around through McNairy County. The officers collected a fee for each driver and passenger, then made a pit stop at Officer Jaggers’ house to present him with the money taken up, and a t-shirt made for him. “This is just a small token of what we can do for somebody who’s given his whole life to law enforcement, his whole life to the public service,” says McNairy Sheriff Guy Buck. Officer Jaggers worked close to 30 years in McNairy and Hardin Counties and it’s obvious he served and protected his community in an outstanding way. The last stop for bikers was at the Selmer Community Center for food, entertainment, and prizes to continue to raise money for the Jaggers family.

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