Kenner’s Grandmother Shares Her Memories

This video is no longer available.

The deadly shooting Tuesday Afternoon left Daphne Kenner, 18, dead and her family heartbroken. A beautiful young woman with her entire life ahead of her. Daphne’s grandmother said, “I called the police station and told them who I was and I had reports of a shooting that might might involve my granddaughter.” Daphne is named after her grandmother whose name is Daphen. According to her grandmother, Daphne spent 90-95 percent of her time with her. “I want to remember Daphne as she is in pictures. She was over Saturday. Her and another one of her stepsisters, ate lunch with me Saturday and I am so thankful.” Daphne loved being at her grandparents’ house. A special bond that was developed when Daphne was only a baby. “Some people say we spoiled her, we probably did,” said Daphen. “She was a good girl and just brought such pleasure to our lives.” Daphne was an organ donor, according to her grandmother, and her death will mean life for others. “She has some beautiful parts that somebody is going to receive. So I’m thankful for that. I would love to meet the ones that get her most precious parts, because that’s part of who she was,” said Daphen. Here is what Daphne’s grandmother wants you to know about her girl. “How loving and caring and beautiful inside and outside,” said Daphen. “She was and she was just precious, just precious to our family and we are going to miss her terribly.”

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