Kenner’s Mom Warns Other Parents To Be Aware

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A Jackson mother is pleading for parents to step in, if they think their child is in an abusive relationship, Daphne Kenner, 18, was murdered Tuesday allegedly by her estranged boyfriend. Kenner and her friend in the car with her, were shot by Tray Chaney, 18, according to Jackson police. Daphne’s mother said last Friday, after two years of dating, Daphne finally got up the courage to break up with him, but she said he refused to let Daphne go. Tonya Broadwater still cannot believe what happened to her baby girl. Like police, she believes Chaney is the only one to blame. “I never knew relationship would result in anything like this,” Broadwater said. Family members told ABC 7 Eyewitness News they were never fans of Chaney, but they treated him like family because Daphne loved him, that was until Broadwater began suspecting abuse. “It got to the point to where we had her friends coming to us and telling us, ‘He’s putting his hands on her. He’s putting his hands around her throat. He’s jerking the steering wheel out of her hand going down the road. He cusses at her. He calls her fat. He calls her lazy.’ Just hateful, and she loved this boy to death for some reason,” Broadwater said. They were together for more than two years. According to Broadwater, Daphne would not leave Chaney during that time and reassured her that he was in therapy and getting better. “I begged and I pleaded, and she’s just a stubborn little girl who didn’t want to hear that because she had such strong feelings for the boy,” Broadwater said. But as of last Friday, Broadwater said Daphne had finally had enough. She packed up her things and moved back home, after living with Chaney and his family since May. Broadwater said that did not keep Chaney from stalking her and taking her cell phone. “He was just riding around hunting for her. So when she was on her way back across town to come home, that’s when he spotted her,” Broadwater said. The last time, Broadwater said, he would harm her. “She was just barely 18,” she said, “and having to go through so much stress and so much drama is just totally uncalled for.” Funeral arrangements have not been made yet, but family members said Daphne wanted to be cremated. The passenger inside her car, who was also shot, is recovering from surgery at a Memphis hospital.

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