Parsons Remembers Bobo on her Birthday

This video is no longer available.

The family of Holly Bobo said prayer is the only thing which bring their daughter home. “(I) felt the Holy Spirit speak to me to come and pray,” said Renee Martin, a Parsons resident. Wednesday, the members of the Parsons community spent their lunch break in prayer at Parsons First Baptist Church. “I didn’t know Holly nor her family personally, but I was at the fairgrounds helping when I could when they were searching for her,” said Martin. Kevin Promley, a spokesman for the Bobo family said they were far too emotional too speak in public, Wedesday. He said they hoped to make a public statement, Thursday, which will mark six months since Holly went missing. “It doesn’t go away. They go to bed thinking about it, they wake up thinking about it. It’s a constant frustration, constant struggle each and everyday that they begin a new day,” said Promley. Investigators said they continue to follow up on tips regarding the case, but admit there are no new avenues in which they are currently pursuing.

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