State Health Commissioner Visits Health Department

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The newly appointed State Health Commissioner visited Jackson, Wednesday afternoon. Dr. John Dreyzehner met with state and local officials at the Jackson-Madison County Health Department, which was a stop on his state-wide tour. Recently appointed by Governor Bill Haslam, Dr. Dreyzehner says he’s currently in “listening mode” and hopes to balance the needs of the central office with issues and needs of West Tennessee. The Commissioner says various chronic disease are just one of the many health issues plaguing Tennesseans. “Things like obesity, things like diabetes, things like smoking-related illnesses, and significant childhood illnesses like asthma are some of the issues that need to be addressed,” said Dr. Dreyzehner. Dr. Dreyzehner added he’s pleased to see a decrease in state wide smoking rates, but that Tennessee still faces a significant challenge with obesity.

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