Educator of the Week – Lucas

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Malesus Elementary School second grade teacher Margaret Lucas says watching her students learn is like watching her own children. “If you were a mother, you would feel that way,” said Lucas. “When your child learns to walk or ride a bicycle – how proud you are. Especially that you made a part of that work.” And while she loves to see the immediate growth, Lucas has also seen the long term. “It thrills you when you have a student that comes back and speaks to you, or calls you on the telephone and they’ve been in your room maybe 10 years ago,” said Lucas. “At the end of the year a lot of times students get out and they’ll come by and speak to you – and that means so much.” While Lucas’ current students work hard on things like math and spelling, she says there’s more that she hopes they’ll take away. “It’s not academics. I hope they take away manners – be kind to one another, have good character,” said Lucas. “I just think building character is so important, because parents are so busy and everyone is so busy, and I think we all need to work together to establish character.” This educator says all the teachers in her school have work together for that very cause. “There’s not a teacher here that I don’t think just gives you 150%,” said Lucas. “It takes all of us to make a difference and it takes all of us to make the children what they’ve become

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