Obion County Burns Marijuana

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The remains of the largest outdoor marijuana grow in the state of Tennessee was burned to the ground Thursday morning. This was done right behind the Obion County Sheriff’s Department in Union City. Officials said the burning of the drugs is not harmful to the community because it was saturated in diesel fuel beforehand. “It’s not gonna get anyone high, standing downwind right now, basically all the THC content is burned up in the fire,” says Obion County Sheriff Jerry Vastbinder. As for the field that was full of marijuana plants just days ago, Vastbinder says all the drugs are out of there and it’s a safe place to go now. The private property in the middle of nowhere where suspects grew the marijuana wasn’t even theirs. The owner of the property actually lives in Florida. Officials finally got in contact with her and they say she was completely shocked and just wanted it all off her property. After the final clearing of the marijuana plants Wednesday night, more than 300,000 plants were accounted for, meaning more than $400 million worth of street value was on this property. Officers are now gathering all the personal items left on the sigh by growers, putting it together, and are certain to get some arrest warrants out soon.

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