Man Arrested In Connection With Dyersburg Carjacking

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Authorities arrested James Moses Jr., 39, in connection with the carjacking of a cab which occurred Saturday in Dyersburg. “(The) guy turned around and wanted the driver to take a short cut,” said Terry Midciff, owner of Triple T Cab Service in Dyersburg. Midciff said the driver had picked up the passenger four days prior to the incident. He said the driver remembers the passenger as kind and polite. He said once the driver agreed to take the short cut, the passenger, sitting in the front seat, put an object to the driver’s side, demanded money and took his vehicle. Authorities said they later recovered the car. “The guy doing the carjacking, told him to just take off walking,” said Midciff. Authorities arrested Moses Saturday night and are detaining him on an investigative hold. They said he will likely face charges of carjacking and aggravated burglary. “A lot of people don’t think the cab business is dangerous, but it is. We put up with drunks…. You never know what to expect,” said Grisha Prater-Dial, a cab driver of more than 13 years. Midciff said his driver was also taken into police custody due to an outstanding warrant.

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