Groups Build Canstruction Structures at the Mall

This video is no longer available.

An annual competition benefiting RIFA is once again allowing participants to display more than just a “can-do” spirit. The 7th annual Canstruction competition got underway at the Old Hickory Mall in Jackson, Tuesday night. Teams assembled their best and most creative structures using only canned goods. The cans of food will benefit the Regional Interfaith Association, which helps feed those less fortunate across the area. The national competition takes place every year just before the holidays. “It is always so encouraging to work with the community and work with the business and churches and just see their commitment to RIFA and not just RIFA, but their commitment to those in need,” said Shaun Powers, assistant director of RIFA. Judging on the structures will take place Thursday, with the top three winners going on to compete at the national level. Meanwhile, these super-sized masterpieces will be on display through October 27.

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