Henning Post Office Murders: One Year Later

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It has been one year since gunmen stormed into the Henning post office and killed employees Paula Robinson and Judy Spray. Residents of the town say they are still recovering from that horrific day, and it is the thought of that fateful day, mixed with another recent shooting in September, making it hard for them to rest easy in their quiet town. People who live in the town say it is hard for them to even go into the post office, and said the building was renovated shortly after to make it easier on customers not to have that reminder every time they walked in those doors. “I think about it when I come to work, I think about it when I go down by the post office. I don’t go to the post office, I used to but I’ve been in there about three times since this happened, and I haven’t been back,” said Lauderdale County resident, Mary Hammock. Investigators said robbery was the gumen’s motive, and the twist to this tragedy is one of the accused gunman was well-known in Henning. Chastain Montgomery is a former state corrections officer whose grandfather was the first black mayor of Henning and best friend of “Roots” author Alex Haley, famous native of the town. Montgomery’s son was the other accused gunman, who was shot by officers after he fired his own gun at them. The six-count indictment names Montgomery and his 18-year-old son as the suspects who robbed the post office in Henning, then shot and killed both employees, making for a terrible memory that residents said they will never forget.

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