Free Health Care

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Organizers of a free mobile heath clinic said they treated more than 700 West Tennesseans in Henderson at the Chester County High School. “You really can’t explain it. You have to experience it,” said Thom Dandridge with the Remote Area Medical Clinic. The organization was started in 1985 by television actor Stan Brock. It travels to remote and rural areas to offer medical, dental and vision care to the disadvantage, however the services are offered free of charge to anyone. “Most of the people that come to see us are people that have insurance. They’re working everyday trying to make ends meet, but may work for an employer that doesn’t offer vision on dental coverage,” said Dandridge. Medical students traveled from as far as New York to volunteer their services. “In the two days I probably learn more than I learn in two months in school,” said Devin Harrison, a dental student from New York. Harrison said the fast pace, emergency situations and faculty to student ratio make for a beneficial experience. RAM pulls from a pool of doctors and heath care workers who volunteer their time. “A lot of time we see patients (where) there’s a lot of decay, a lot of problems and here was a little different. It wasn’t quite as destructive,” said Dr. Eugene Herman, a dental surgeon. Cities interested in RAM’s services can visit their website at

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