Medina Police Investigating Home Break-In, Vandalism

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A Medina woman said she still feels frightened after thieves broke into her home, taking thousands of dollars of cash, and even vandalizing a wall in her living room. According to investigators, the thieves struck while the homeowner was at work last Friday, but they still have no leads or suspects. Every time Wendy Edwards sits in her living room chair, she says she is reminded of Friday’s break-in. “They didn’t just take things from me,” Edwards said. “They took the safety of my home and the feeling of comfortableness. I mean, it’s just been very devastating for me.” And that is an unusual feeling for a resident in her nice, quiet neighborhood. “I have a 15-year-old son, so I wanted a good place for us to live and I felt like this was it. I don’t feel that way very much anymore.” Edwards just got home from work around 11:30 Friday night, when she noticed the garage door leading into her home was open. “I tried to think that maybe it wasn’t anything wrong so I came on in the house,” she said. “I noticed that my flat screen TV was laying on the floor and I knew then that something had happened that I had been broken into, vandalized, something.” Police said the suspect broke the glass on the back door to get inside. Then they kicked down her bedroom door, stealing more than $10,000 of life savings, jewelry and electronics. Edwards estimates the total loss to be about $18,000. “I could care less about the electronics or the jewelry. They could have the electronics or the jewelry. I just want to be able to pay my bills and not lose my home because of it,” Edwards said. The burglar also spray-painted her wall, with the letters “SGH,” for South Gibson Hornets, and the word, “stung.” Still, police are not sure if they were high schoolers. “I think the morons might have been trying to fool the police by writing that on there, but at this point we don’t know,” said Chief Chad Lowery of the Medina Police Department. Lowery said the suspect or suspects face aggravated burglary and theft charges. If you have information, call Medina Police at (731) 783-3913 or Gibson County Crime Stoppers at (731) 855-2005.

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