Educator of the Week -Debbie Abbott

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Spring Hill School first grade teacher Debbie Abbott said watching her students learn gives her an amazing sense of accomplishment. “I go home some nights and think, ‘Wow, I can’t believe they got that that quick,'” said Abbott. “At this age, the kids are so eager to learn – they want to learn. So that makes teaching much easier when the student wants to learn.” But it is not just the classroom lessons that Abbott hopes her young students learn – it is the lessons of morals and values. “I don’t think you could start that too early. That’s just something they need to know,” said Abbott. “Most of these children know – yes, I’m going to correct them, and I’m going to discipline them, but at the same time they know I’m doing it out of love.” It is that love that this educator said is the most important thing her students can take with them after they finish first grade. “I hope if they walk away with anything, they’ll know that while they were in this classroom, they were protected and they were loved,” said Abbott. But for now, Abbott said it is all about taking it day by day. “I just think that it’s important for teachers everyday to come in with a smile on their face, and leave making sure the students have a smile on their face when they leave at the end of the day,” said Abbott.

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