Occupy Jackson Set For Saturday

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The group called “Occupy Jackson” will hold a rally at the Farmers Market in downtown Jackson, Saturday morning at 9. Group leader Heather Mummert told 7 Eyewitness News she expects at least 35 people to join her. “Just to let the people know that we have a voice. We can exercise our first amendment right and we have to let government know and big business and corporations and banks know it’s not right what they are doing, ” said Mummert. The Jackson Police Department is also aware of the gathering planned for Saturday. “We typically will have a few extra officers in the area, said Deputy Chief Barry Michael of the Jackson Police Department. “It depends on the size of the group and the activity, but I don’t anticipate bringing in a large number of officers.” Unlike other “Occupy” movements seen in other parts of the country Mummert said this will be a non-violent day and more of a rally. In fact, she said she is looking forward to more rallies in the future. “We intend for this to go on as long as possible. As long as the movement is staying strong,” said Mummert. Farmers Market officials did not want to comment on “Occupy Jackson.” A man who sells catfish at the Farmers Market told 7 Eyewitness News he welcomes the group. “We don’t want the interference of big supermarkets taking away from local farmers. So that’s something we will be sharing there as well,” Mummert said The public is invited to join Mummert for the “Occupy Jackson” rally.

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