Two Dead in McNairy County Fire

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A fire in McNairy County early Saturday morning took the lives of two people. One, a young girl just sleeping over at a friends house. The family that lived on Masseyville McNairy Road in Finger, were all sleeping, when officials say the smoke detectors woke them up. The father starting waking his family up. The 31 year-old thought he had got his family all out safely, when they realized his daughter’s 11 year-old friend, who stayed the night, was missing. Officials say the man then made several attempts to go back into the house. On the last attempt, he was overtaken by smoke, and the man and the young girl never came back out. Authorities say by the time emergency service workers arrived, both were dead. “I think he did just everything that he possibly could in an effort to try and save this young girl. None of us were out there but it’s exactly the same thing that anybody, if your child’s there, or any child’s there,” says McNairy Sheriff Guy Buck. Sheriff Buck told us there is no way to know what caused the fire yet, but between the Tennessee Bomb and Arson investigators and their local fire department, they will make the determination on the cause soon. Neighbors were not sure who the young girl was that was sleeping over at the Kennedy’s, but knew the family was very close. They did everything together, and residents of Finger said that the parents were always together, and had married young. Neighbors were also not surprised by Steve’s heroic attempt to save the girls life. “That’s just Steve, I mean he’s just that kind of guy, he’s a good man,” says Neighbor, Perry Wooters.

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