Candlelight Vigil Held For Karen Swift

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Dozens of Dyer County residents gathered Tuesday night for a candlelight vigil for missing woman Karen Swift. The lack of information surrounding her disappearance has the community baffled. “I just hope we can find her and she can come back and be the mother she always wanted to be to the girls,” said co-worker, Mary McClaire-Hopper. More than 30 Dyersburg residents gathered at the YMCA to show their support for Swift’s husband and children. Swift had just been certified as to teach a fitness class there for the elderly. “She had sent me a text on Friday saying how she was so excited about silver sneakers, and I told her they were very sweet group of people and would adopt her as there very own,” said McClaire-Hopper. Swift has been missing for three days, and the 44-year-old and mother of four went missing Sunday after a Halloween party. With limited information released from deputies, some residents said they feel out of touch and are yearning for more information about Swift’s disappearance. “They haven’t been directly in the loop but they are going through the procedures that‘s put in place to make it happen,” stated YMCA CEO Randy Butler. Co-workers have started a search and created fliers. They said they are confident they will find their friend. “She is a very vivacious energetic person. She loved her children very much and very committed to them, especially her two youngest girl,” said McClaire-Hopper.

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