Police Investigate Bells Home Invasion

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Brueington Drive is a quiet street in Bells. That all changed around 12:30, Thursday morning. Four residents, including a 10-year-old child and a five-month-old baby were confronted. “The crime was violent,” said Bells Police Chief Illandis Smith. “They used force to enter the home. They were armed with handguns and shotguns. They also used force to tie up the victims.” The suspects were described as four black men between 20 and 30-years-old and were all wearing ski masks. According to Chief Smith, after taking $500 in cash and stealing some items, they left on foot. “They were not hurt, but she (the mother) was really afraid. She does have kids. She was afraid for her kids, also. She was shaken up,” said Chief Smith. Investigators said this is the first home invasion in Bells in 12 years. Fingerprint evidence was left at the scene, which police hope will lead them to the suspects. “This is a rare case. We just don’t have this type of crime over here. It’s pretty quiet here,” said Chief Smith. Ironically, Chief Smith said the home that was invaded was only four houses away from where he lives. “Everything was quiet there. We haven’t had a problem with anybody and then it just happened. You never know where or when it’s gonna happen.”

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