Mother Of 12 Year Old Rapper Defends Video

This video is no longer available.

Police believe an eleven year old boy’s YouTube video is directly linked to a series of fights at North Side High School. The now 12-year-old aspiring rapper ‘Lil Pooka’s rap video references one of the gangs involved in the high school fight, but his mother, Amanda Cook claimed the video was simply entertainment. “For one, I want to get it across again, my kids are not gang members. They are not associated with gang members,” said Amanda Cook. Cook said her son is a good kid and plays baseball for a team sponsored by the Jackson Police Department. The YouTube video was posted in early August and has more than 8,500 hits. Many have called the video disturbing, because it is riddled with explicit language, violence, and murder. 12-year-old Averyion Cook stated he was just rapping about what he sees in his part of town. “I was just rapping about what happens in my neighborhood and how I hear gun sounds and people dying and getting killed,” said aspiring rapper, Averyion. Averyion Cook’s neighborhood is considered a high crime area with its fair share of shootings and other violence. “What they need to be concerned about is all the murders that‘s going on out here and the gang violence that is at the school and get control over that,” said Cook.

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