Why Now Is The Time To Winterize Your Home

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Friday was a cool, misty day across West Tennessee – not quite winter – but a good time to think about winterizing your home. “We’d recommend everybody go ahead and begin, because cold weather kind of sneaks up on us,” said Robert Mullins, a senior manager at Jackson Energy Authority. “It’s a lot easier to get it done when the weather’s pretty and the weather’s nice, to go ahead and get all that hard work outside done.” Outside work includes disconnecting garden hoses, wrapping pipes and closing foundation vents, but also sealing windows and doors. “Be sure to have your weather strippings on doors and windows, things that prevent the cool air- the breeze- from getting inside your house and costing you more on your utility bill,” said Mullins. “There’s usually vents in your attic,. Keep those closed, keep as much of the warmth in the house as possible.” While the small steps can help save on utility costs, they might also save your home from big damages to pipes or heating units. “It’s not just about saving money for the winter, it’s also about protecting your most important investment by not letting damage happen to your home,” said Mullins. And while the weather is not wintry yet, a quick check of your heat source now means less waiting time when the cold does arrive. “The earlier notice you give us, the quicker we can respond before we get customers backed up and we get customers we’re getting to the next day or maybe a few days later,” said Mullins. “Winterization of your home is pretty inexpensive: it takes a little work, it takes a little time.” Jackson Energy Authority offers pilot lighting, as well as a safety and efficiency check of heating units, all free of cost.

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