Church Burglary and Vandalism Update

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Members of Malesus Methodist Church in South Jackson spoke out after authorities said two juveniles vandalized and burglarized their church just after 9 p.m. Saturday.. “I just wonder where the boys parents are, why they’re not watching a 12-year old kid. I raised five children. They weren’t out running around at night, pilfering in stuff,” said Cathy Riley, a church member of 32 years. Police said they used K-9s and a helicopter which was on a routine flight to find the suspects who were located in the Malesus Heights area. Church members think the youths may have entered through a door left unlocked. They said the juveniles took gold fish crackers, juice and a case which contained tea, all of which was later recovered. “Back in the summer somebody had got into the kitchen and spread flower all over the floor,” said Katherine Chandler, wife of the pastor. Chandler believes the suspects caught may have been responsible for the prior incident. Authorities said the youths were taken to juvenile detention and have been charged with vandalism and burglary. Police would not confirm a court date or whether the juveniles are still in custody .

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