Grand Junction Officials Work to Stop Thefts

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Grand Junction officials said they called a town hall meeting after the local Dollar General store reported a loss of more than $89,000 in merchandise last year with losses reaching roughly $60,000 so far this year. Residents said it is the only store within a 20 mile radius. “I’d have to go all the way to Bolivar to Fred’s,” said Shirley Brewer, a Hardeman County resident. Community leaders invited local clergy and community members to discuss the issue and ways to grow the city with Dollar General executives. Some residents said they believe some of the losses could stem from internal issues. “I wouldn’t say it’s internal, but anytime you talk about loss prevention you have to look at internal, as well as, external,” said Mayor Curtis Lane of Grand Junction. “A loss for them is also a loss for us as town.” He said the sales tax generated from the store is crucial to the town’s economy. Officials said representatives from the store assured the community they would remain in the city. Officials also discussed the possibility of expanding the existing store. They said the company made a $2,500 donation to the Grand Junction Elementary School to show their commitment to the community.

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