Catalytic Converters Stolen From Auto Dealership

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A West Tennessee car dealership has become the target of what officials said could be just one of many similar crimes; committed by the same thieves. Employees of Taylor Automotive in Martin noticed said something different when they came to work Monday. “An exhaust system was underneath the car we had just traded, from there we noticed converters had been cut off,” said owner Mike Taylor. 10 cars had their catalytic converters sawed off, one of which was a customers, a battery was also stolen. Authorities said although this is not rare nationwide, it is for a small town like Martin. “Given our location, small rural community, we are an easy target I guess,” said Taylor. Officials said they believe this to be part of other such thefts in Middle and East Tennessee, simply because of the specific car parts being targeted. “The particular metal in these never wears out. The only reason you have to replace a catalytic converter is because the outer shell will eventually rust and go away, but this particular metal lasts forever,” said Taylor. Experts said this is why thieves target converters; it can be melted and sold for many things. But Taylor said he does not understand why thieves do not realize these parts are new and scrap dealers will probably realize they were stolen. “When it’s brand new and never used, it’s obvious it’s been cut off a vehicle,” said Taylor. Taylor said thieves are probably getting about $50 per converter, costing him much more than that for repair; averaging more than $1,300. A catalytic converter costs between $150 to $300. Investigators are searching places the metal can be sold.

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