Dwana Pussser-Garrison Leaving Adamsville Council

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After 13 years of civil service, Dwana Pusser-Garrison said she decided not to seek re-election for her seat as councilwoman of Adamsville. “It was just time that I did. My health has been worsening, but there’s other things that I can devote my time to. More community service and my two passions, of course, my church, but law enforcement and tourism as far as the state’s concerned,” said Pusser-Garrison. Pusser-Garrison said due to her fight with multiple sclerosis she wants to spend more time with her family. Adamsville officials said Pusser-Garrison’s contributions to the city have been enormous. They said she was instrumental in the beautification of the downtown Adamsville project, acquiring grants and promoting tourism throughout the state, among other contributions. Pusser-Garrison said although she is retiring from the city council, she will continue her work at the Buford Pusser Museum and will remain active in the community.

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