Former Drug Task Force Director Arrested

The former director of the 24th District Drug Task Force, Steve Lee, 58, was arrested Tuesday after a Henry County grand jury handed down an indictment, Monday. “We received some new information earlier this year about some illegal purchases of equipment and misuse of seized items,” said Kristen Helm, information officer with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. The state comptroller’s audit claims Lee falsified an invoice on a construction project, charged more that $5,000 on his department credit card with no paper trail and gave his son a firearm seized by the DTF, among other allegations. “That was one of the things were were waiting to have finished up before proceeding with the criminal part of the investigation,” said Helm. Henry County court officials indicated at least one additional indictment could be forthcoming. “He’s been a police officer for a long time and he’s done a world of good and I think we’ll just have to see what the court has to say,” said Mike Hutchison, a Henry County resident. Lee is free on a $10,000 bond.

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