Man Charged with Recklessly Discharging AK-47

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Frog Jump resident Lonnie Bennett is scheduled to appear in court Thursday morning at 9. According to the Crockett County Sherriff’s Department, his arsenal included an AK-47 with nine, fully loaded magazines.. more than 400 rounds. “He’s an avid gun enthusiast, nothing wrong with that, but when you add the combination of the two things: agitation and irratic behavior it makes people nervous,” said Crockett County Sheriff Troy Klyce. Neighbors said, Lonnie Bennett stepped out of his house last Thursday and began firing his AK-47 on his way to the mailbox. After getting his mail, he started firing the weapon again. Tuesday he was placed under arrest. “Every time that I’ve went to his house he has been armed with some type of firearm,” said Deputy Andrew Whitehead. “He always has a glock hand gun on his side.” Officials said the Crockett County Sheriff’s Department has been out to Bennett’s home over 15 times this year. The last visit was on November 3 when Bennett came out of the house with an AK-47 in his hand. “When I got out of the car I told him he needed to put it down,” Deputy Whitehead said. Bennett’s neighbors were too scared to talk on camera. Whitehead said, “They are terrified of him.” According to the sheriff’s department, on one occasion Bennett made up a sign that read, “If you trespass on this property, you will be arrested by the sheriff, bit by a copperhead or shot. ” When asked what this man is capable of Whitehead said, “Who knows, I don’t know and that is what scares me the most.” A phone call to Bennett was not answered.

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