Milan Man Arrested On Rape Charges

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A Milan man police are calling a sexual predator was behind bars Wednesday after he allegedly raped two women and tried to rape two more in just four hours early Monday morning. According to police, this is not the first time Bryan Williams, 27, has preyed on women, and believe there could be even more victims. Investigators said they got a call around 1:40 a.m. Monday that a convicted sex offender had cut his electronic ankle bracelet and was on the run. “While the patrol officers were out looking for the offender, we started getting calls about break-ins and sexual assaults that had happened close by,” Commander Bobby Sellers said. Back in January, Williams was arrested for a sexual assault, and again in August for indecent exposure. But on Monday, he was accused of raping a 14-year-old girl and a woman, and trying to rape two more women. “He threatened to use a gun on one of the girls and took her outside, one he used a knife and put it up to her throat and physically drug her out of the house. She started kicking, screaming. He evidently panicked, dropped the knife and fled on foot,” Sellers said. The assaults happened just blocks from Williams’ home on West Main Street. Investigators said he got around by foot, and was easily able to get inside the victims’ homes without waking up anyone inside. “He’s just really quiet and he would threaten them with a knife if you say anything,” Sellers said. “‘I’ll cut you,’ and with the girl, ‘Be quiet or I’m going to shoot and come outside.'” Police caught up with him at his girlfriend’s house after he was on the run for about four hours. They said Williams currently faces 10 charges, including especially aggravated kidnapping, aggravated rape and aggravated burglary. He is in jail on $750,000 bond. Williams’ preliminary hearing is scheduled for November 23 in Milan Municipal Court. Police said he could have more victims, and are urging anyone assaulted by Williams to contact the Milan Police Department at (731) 686-3309.

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