Educator of the Week – McDaniel

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Dyer School fifth grade teacher Terri McDaniel said her job involves much more than just academics. “An educator is someone who is loving and nurturing and is patient and is kind – because you have to be,” said McDaniel. “You have to be patient because that student’s not going to get that skill the first time you teach it.” But when her students do grasp a new skill, it is the best part about her day. “It’s an indescribable feeling for a teacher. You feel successful,” said McDaniel. “You’re not only proud of what they’ve accomplished, you’re proud of all the time you put into it and that they were able to grow from what you did with them.” McDaniel said responsibility and respect are two of the most important skills taught in her classroom. “We talk a lot about being respectful and treating others the way you want to be treated,” said McDaniel. “I hope when they leave my class, they can say, ‘Ms. Terri taught me everything I need to know for fifth grade and to be successful in sixth, but she also taught me to be a better person.'” At the end of the day, McDaniel aims for their success. “It’s not just something when you leave – you leave at 3:15 – you forget about it and go home,” said McDaniel. “It’s something that’s constantly on your mind. You think about these kids from the time you get up until you go to bed at night. Worrying, ‘how can I reach that student? What can I do tomorrow to help them be successful?'”

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