Hearing Held for Crockett Co. Murder Suspect

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All eyes were on Dustin Cathey as he walked into court ,Thursday afternoon. One of the people on hand was Bobby Vaughn, the brother of murder victim Frances Lilley. “We would like to have the facts as to what took place that night and why this all came about, said Vaughn “I think it would be some closure for our family if we knew more about it. (It’s) kind of a mystery to what took place.” Cathey’s parents were at the hearing. The families knew each other even before the murder on August 4. “I know the boy’s daddy real well. As a matter of fact, we cook and eat fish at Baker Gas and Oil together and I’ve known him for awhile and he’s lived in the community close to where my sister is buried.” Cathy Ferguson from the TBI testified when she entered the house on August 4, Mrs. Lilley was lying on the floor near the kitchen with a bullet wound to her neck and blood splatter in the kitchen. “There was nothing really missing,” said Bobby Vaughn. “If it were robbery or something you might have understood that. But there was nothing missing except two jars of strawberry jam.” The Crockett County Sherriff’s Department testified that Cathey confessed to a string of burglaries during the same time as the murder, all homes of men he knew.

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