Investigation Into Swift’s Disappearance Continues

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On Thursday, agents with the TBI were at the home of missing Dyer County mother, Karen Swift. The sheriff’s department has asked they help in the investigation. It’s been 12 days since Karen Swift went missing and the question that keeps lingering is if foul play was involved. The answer seems to be unanimous among friends. “She would not willingly do this, so therefore I have to go with something happened to her without her control and that leads to be kind of foul play for me,” says friend of Karen’s, Robin Alford. Authorities say a lot of people are pointing fingers at Karen’s husband. Family members say the two were going through a divorce, but say there is no way David Swift would have harmed his wife. Officials say a neighbor of the Swift’s was recently arrested, accused of poisoning two dogs, including one that belonged to Karen. One friend said Karen and the neighbor “may have had words”, but the Sheriff says the neighbor is no longer a suspect. With other missing person cases going on, some say, it’s hard to not see the similarities, and wonder if there is one person responsible. “Other than the circumstances of the disappearance you have to tie those cases together with evidence instead of just the circumstance,” says Sheriff Jeff Box. Friends of Karen Swift say they are never going to give up on her, because she would never give up on them.

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