School Educates Community on Gangs

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Could your child be involved in a gang? After recent gang-related fights at a local public school, that is a question local leaders want to address. Parkview Learning Center officials have been holding their Gang Awareness Training program for the past three years. However, they say many parents are starting to show a heightened concern about gang activity in the schools. Jackson Police Department’s Gang Enforcement Team told parents and teachers in Thursday’s program, the signs to look for in children that could mean they are involved in a gang. They said the best way to tackle gang problems in our schools, is to get parents involved. “If they start wearing certain colors all the time, this should tell them something. If they find drawings in the bathroom, on the walls, on the floor, in the garage, just the same thing all the time, that should tell you something,” said Parkview Learning Center principal Paul Thacker. To find more warning signs for gang activity, go to

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