Titan Tire Moves into Goodyear Plant

This video is no longer available.

People in Union City said the mood in their town has gone from discouraged to optimistic. That is because the former Goodyear tire plant is officially being taken over by a new company, Titan Tires. On Friday, several vehicles could be seen at the plant as the company began their move in. Titan Tire manufactures off-highway tires used for agricultural, industrial and construction vehicles. Even Union City Mayor Terry Hailey said he had heard rumors about the the company buying the plant, but was not sure they were true until Thursday. “Goodyear called me and told me that the plant had been sold to Titan Tires and it was official. And I could tell anybody I wanted to,” said Mayor Hailey. 7 Eyewitness News’ calls to Titan Tires have not been returned. However, Mayor Hailey said he expects them to make their official announcement early next week.

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