Family Remembers Pilot Killed in Plane Crash

This video is no longer available.

Dyer County resident Charlie Palmer was killed in a plane crash on Friday, November 11th near Sturgis, South Dakota. Palmer was married with two sons and one daughter. He had one grand child, Shelby. Shelby called him Paw-Paw. “He loved her. He treated her like she couldn’t do anything wrong. That little girl worshiped the ground he walked on,” said Charlie Palmer’s son, Joe. Charlie Palmer was looking forward to meeting his second grand-child early next year. His family knew how much they were loved by him. “He was a guy who didn’t tell you hey I love you, but you could tell he loved you more than anything just the way he talked to you and helped you with things,” said Dennis Miller, who has known Palmer since the first grade. “This man was the most intelligent man that I have ever met. I’m not the only one who thinks this. He was noted as being one of the smartest men.” According to his family, Charlie liked the wide open space of Sturgis, South Dakota. Recently he surprised his family telling them he was taking flight lessons. “This past week was the finishing of his lessons. He loved it. He sounded like a little kid when he talked about it,” said Joe Palmer.

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