Police Take Extra Measures To Prevent Crime

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Police are warning residents to be vigilant and plan to patrol more as the holiday season approaches. The warning comes from an up-tick in crime at Jackson’s busiest shopping area. In the past week, two restaurants have been robbed along Vann Drive which has some residents worried about their safety while shopping. “I’m always watching what I’m around and about and with a father and with a family and young kids, and I’m definitely concerned about crime. So it’s definitely an issue,” said a Jackson resident that did not want to be identified. Zaxby’s was robbed last week Monday at around 10 p.m., and just five days later, Lenny’s Sub Shop was robbed at knife point in the middle of the afternoon. Police have arrested all suspects accused in the robberies, but officials stated crimes like these typically increase as the holidays near. “Because of the time of the year, the holidays, it brings more people in. Therefore, that’s more opportunities for a criminal to want to do something. So therefore, we have to be seen more too,” said Sgt. Melanie Melton of the Jackson Police Department. Police said they are increasing patrols in the columns and along Vann Drive in hopes of preventing similar crimes.

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