Thousands of X-Boxes Stolen in Trailer Heist

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Haywood County officials said a semi-trailer with more than 2,400 X-Boxes, according to authorities worth more than $900,000 were stolen, Sunday. The truck driver, Aubrey Williams of Stanton said he left the trailer at a truck stop off of Interstate 40 near Exit 47. He said he had no idea what he was hauling. “Different people started telling me it was some kind of game that you play. If one was sitting right here today I wouldn’t know what it was,” said Williams. He said he lives one mile from the truck stop and noticed the trailer was missing on his way back from church, Sunday. “I’ve been parking trailers up there for the longest,” said Williams. Sheriff Melvin Bond of Haywood County said his department has searched the county thoroughly, but fears the trailer may have been taken away from Haywood County. “It would probably be impossible to get rid of that many with out raising suspicion from law enforcement,” said Sheriff Bond. He said it was not confirmed whether the shipment of units contained a tracking device. “I honestly don’t know what I could have done differently,” said Williams.

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