Educator of the Week – Anderson

Jackson Christian School chemistry teacher Earl Anderson enjoys seeing his students gain an appreciation for learning. “If I see where they seem to have an interest or develop an interest in the subject, that means a lot to me,” said Anderson. And when teaching a difficult course load, Anderson said it is all about attitude. “I’m not that strict or stern with them,” said Anderson. “I try to make it a little more personable in my approach to presenting the material to the students.” This educator said one of the best parts about his job is seeing the role he has played in many students’ lives. “That’s the bottom line of teaching,” said Anderson. “In a school system like in Jackson Christian School, in more ways than one – we’re touching them spiritually and also in a way that we’re helping them out and actually getting them prepared for life.” Anderson hopes that preparation takes them far in life. “I do want them to have a love and a compassion, and also a better understanding of the world around them so that it can broaden their horizon, and just give them an appreciation for knowledge in general,” said Anderson. “People don’t realize the impact that a teacher has on students, and that just gives me a certain level of fulfillment.”

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