West TN School for the Deaf Gets New Playground

This video is no longer available.

Students at a Hub City school will now have more fun on the playground after a complete re-build. Those who attend the West Tennessee School for the deaf are now enjoying a new $30,000 playground built through money received from a number of fundraisers and private donations. The new equipment will allow the 51 young people to have more fun since it was made to serve those with special needs. The staff, students and families are excited about the new play area. “The kids are thrilled to death,” said Principal Kristi Lindsey, of West Tennessee School for the Deaf. “They are really excited. They go to watch the renovation through the windows of the classroom. So, it was hard for them away for as long as it took to renovate, so they are really excited.” The West Tennessee School for the Deaf has been open since the fall of 1986, serving children 2 to 13 years old from throughout West Tennessee.

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